Three ways parents can help children lead the APIB test

nts attending international courses will attend the AP or IB exams in May.
What should parents do to help their children in the exam season instead of putting pressure on the opposite? The author makes three points for your reference.
It may not seem difficult,
but it's not easy to really do it.
The | Alexandra Pannoni compiler | editor of | Chen Wen Li for high school students,
May mean that the summer vacation and graduation are already in sight.
But before that,
most students have to cross the ladder: they pass the AP or IB exam.
The examination of these university level courses is usually held in May.
The AP exam season is a stressful time for many students,
says Erica King.
Erica King is a teacher at the Northwestern College of Pennsylvania in ely.
In this school,
most students take

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