Morning, light media investment and 1 billion 600 million live electricity supplier 360 search announced to abandon the consumer health business promotion services

Zexi event let Baidu in the search for 360 in the teeth of the storm,
to renounce the consumer health business promotion services.
is this move also suitable for Baidu? Analysts believe that,
360 search commercialization degree and scale than Baidu search is much smaller,
easy to ship small U-turn,
and medical advertising in Baidu accounted for relatively large,
Baidu is not easy to stay away from medical advertising.
Ask what is the hottest now? In the venture capital circle,
live broadcast can occupy a place.
This time,
the light media also sit still,
with 1.
6 billion investment and live electricity supplier,
among them,
30 million yuan for the subscription of new equity Agel Ecommerce Ltd Hangzhou Ti Su,
while another 131 million yuan transferee Jinhua Weko held in Zhejiang sc

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