He is the most important movie master in contemporary Europe. This interview gives you a thorough understanding of him

the Austria director Michael Haneke is undoubtedly one of the most important contemporary Europe of a director,
and the Paris review of Michael Haneke interview,
with long length,
take you to understand the personality of the director remains serious,
thanks friends candyme translation,
more than 10000 word interview,
read very enjoyable.
By Luisa Zielinski Louisa interview bazylinski text: http://www.
org/interviews/6354/the-art-of-screenwriting-no-5-michael-haneke translation by candyme Michael Haneke was born on 1942.
His mother is from Austria,
and his father is from germany.
He spent his youth in Wiener Neustadt,
and was cared for by his aunt and grandmother.
Then he went to Vienna to study psychology,
philosophy and drama.
It's still a while since he fi

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