elevision public praise list (WeChat ID:yingshikoubei) news: read a lot of comments,
are Tucao Huang Xiaoming,
if aside from the actors,
how do you feel? It's raining hard today.
I didn't want to go out,
but I've passed the movie refund time.
I think I'll go to see it anyway.
There are not many people viewing it,
the hall is small,
and less than ten people.
I sit in the middle of the fourth row,
I have been sitting in the front row,
mainly because there are very few people sitting in the front row.
An An can watch the movie quietly,
but it's a long time and my eyes hurt.
Before I saw Pu Bajia's interview,
I mentioned the film.
I like it very much.
The documentary style,
the plot is slow,
the literary wind is suitable for quiet viewing.
What attracted me most was the light and shadow effect

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