Can rely on the face but not rely on this talented actor Zhao Wei are rushing to draw even

ontact QQ:1965667710 source: in design (multidesign) recently as an actor took the winner,
opened the exhibition even Zhao Wei are all his fans today to talk about the hair of acting male artist - He Zhengyu - Zhao Wei received his paintings full of happy sun micro-blog fans ah ~ exaggerated characters create unique elements of the collision is his shape the style like you like messy hair red background,
full body pattern and at first glance like a rock singer He Zhengyu's portraits are a lot of pictures,
each color pattern with big picture is very full perhaps only these can release the pursuit of his heart we love freedom small is the work of a blue boy with seemingly static hair to create a sense of.
Think a lot of people say that He Zhengyu's paintings have more western art taste so th

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