Beauty is bright here, but joy is never equal to you

le reprinted from nine for WeChat No.
nine for jiuxing_neweekly,
no travel Raiders,
no tour guide,
no outlets,
no need to go to the destination,
we reject all low tour,
only a lonely curiosity about distant open.
Nine please mengchuo ^ ^ concern / charming Salzburg.
(Figure /huanqiu) the odd stories that Bernhard wrote,
many of them happened in Salzburg.
In a story called questions in parliament,
he mentioned such a thing,
the suicide rate of Salzburg's primary and secondary students is second to none in the world.
It's nothing new.
Bernhard cited a congressman's point of view to explain the phenomenon: the more beautiful a city is,
the higher the rate of suicide there is.
Overlooking Salzburg.
(map / Sina blog,
bjcps) visited the Salzburg people will not have any objection: th

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