After the car service, how to enhance the owner of viscous car honey, hoping to build the owner community, and to provide business data service operations

micro signal: wow36kr based on the owner of the community,
through advertising and data service platform to achieve profitability now the automobile customer service service category includes second-hand car,
car insurance,
and so on,
the main feature is the use of low frequency,
the user may only use once every 1-2 months,
namely the user of the car after the App dependence is not strong,
most use fewer,
the problem of low activity.
how do you improve the user activity of the after service platform? My recent contact honey team launched App in June last year to solve two major problems: 1,
through the community to build on the owners of mobile,
by using high frequency low frequency drive service; 2,
for businesses to provide data to support operations management platfo

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