Roast daddy European Free Turkey or will receive the EU Schengen Visa

E ten,
since last year,
European countries have received the tide of refugees shock,
this stream of people from the refugee surge into refugee crisis.
The European attitude,
from the initial Welcome (welcome) to Go back (back); and the EU's political climate,
but also because of the sharp rise in the crime rate of refugees brought financial difficulties,
and other issues,
starting from left to right.
At present Europe,
Taiping and chaos coexist,
and symbiotic Yingjie evildoer.
what exactly is the refugee crisis? Let's do a simple science.
one day in December.
Some people took to the streets to demand the overthrow of their autocratic regimes.
They have high hopes for a New Middle East,
that the Arabia spring are familiar with the Internet,
and much of the rest of t

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