The strength of character

: see your letter.
According to legend,
more than 1500 years ago,
you made a Shishuoxinyu,
the first reading seems to fit the Confucianism,
divided into thirty-six chapters.
The first four is Virtue,
text and political speech,
which is also called the door of the four families.
read three,
and Confucianism instead,
and later many people like skew codeword,
you nagging is wine,
if can not change the world,
the pent up in my heart,
in my heart for a long time to be pent up liquor,
flowers open ah,
left a red one to form,
the autumn wind blew,
the rest of what,
what may be immortal.
You are in Shishuoxinyu recorded in strange,
retained details,
an arrangement similar to hide,
careful behind the others,
not a conclusion.
I have been work

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