The seven seat SUV to sell 5 billion 787 million 680 thousand this is the price of Wuling Hongguang

announced the Lifan automobile 7 SUV models Marvell's officially listed for sale,
the price range of 5.
68 million; Wuling Hongguang price to buy seven SUV,
so the value of it? Today,
Xiao Bian with everyone to find out.
The new car offers four versions for everyone to choose from,
the top of the car model is automatic,
and the rest are matched manual transmission.
The appearance of the interior as a new model,
Marvell also conform to the trend,
the appearance is very tough,
but also without losing the dynamic elements embellishment; hexagonal front grille design,
looks very domineering,
equipped with wheels are also very dynamic.
Into the cockpit,
the overall use of the design of double color collocation,
the design of motion of the steering wheel,
barrel type instrument panel so that

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