[sharing homes] 50 comic chairs with big holes in the front are coming up to you

e a designer,
what elements would you add to your chair? At the recently concluded 2016 design week in Milan,
the founder of Japan's Nendo design studio,
Misaki Sato,
integrated the comic elements into 50 chairs.
Look at a few chairs so we wind the whole effect like moving chairs so blur effect with cyclone chair.
(really not photo pixels is not high) we mood.
according so you want to run to change? So it is actually two in one plane,
and not put the chairs before and after so much abstract and practical magic chair.
So we take into account the overall effect of the scene the night effect,
set up 50 square lights with the 50 different styles of chairs.
You have to admire the designer's brain hole (photo source: the world woman living home WeChat public number)

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