Shanxi police launched the namesake query system of 4 people called tall, rich and handsome

let some parents took pains in the pursuit of out of the ordinary times,
Zhuangshan are taboo,
but it is hard to avoid a collision.
In May,
police in Shanxi province for the convenience of the people to the newborn name,
launched a free service name information query.
Want to know whether or not the name of the baby is public,
just by checking it online.
In April 19th this year,
the Shanxi provincial public security department held a news conference,
released the latest launch of the simplification and optimization of public service processes,
and facilitate the masses to do business 24 measures.
The introduction of the 24 measures,
in many areas to simplify the service link,
optimize the service process,
improve service quality.
Among them,
the household security service,

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