Looking back on the classic Kobe 10 career performance counter

me on April 14th,
Kobe Bryant with a single game of 60 points and a victory,
the perfect end of his 20 years of career! 1340 regular season games,
220 playoff games,
Peter left us too much of the classic game! It's not easy to pick 10 of the greatest performances in the game! 10,
a game of 55 points,
in March 29,
against wizards,
then Jordan has passed the peak period,
40 year old basketball God from the re - retirement only two weeks.
Farewell to the idol of the war,
Kobe staged a revenge performance,
the first half scored 42 points.
Phil Jackson,
Lakers coach Phil Jackson said,
unbelievable performance.
45 points per game,
12 points,
three points,
in January 8,
against Seattle in the game,
Kobe scored 12 points three pointers,
creating a NBA history.
Of the 12 th

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