[digital] legendary player career series T-shirt

he darling of the spotlight,
always with breathtaking performance refresh people to understand the basketball,
there is no poetry and distance,
only numbers and legend.
Curry-12 France February 28,
Jinzhou warriors after one overtime on the road,
with a 121-118 victory over the Oklahoma City thunder,
the core warrior Stephen curry played 38 minutes,
24 to 14,
three points of 16 shots,
46 points and 3 rebounds,
6 assists and 2 steals,
refresh the NBA single season three hits record,
at the same time NBA history three point game hits record level.
two players had scored 12 three pointers in a match.
In January 8,
2003 the Lakers home court and supersonic in the game,
Kobe scored 45 points and 3 rebounds,
3 assists,
three points 18 12; in March 14,
2005 128 to 110 victory ov

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