A 1500 dark horse online industry summit. Do you want to come?

-line more than a month,
gathered more than 6000 founder,
the highest daily live nearly 2000 people.
For the support and attention back to the dark horse of the horse,
May 5th will launch a special community industry summit,
14th special industry,
1500 people gathered high popularity,
at the forefront of the industry,
a large wave of dry cargo is on the way! 14th special industry will take you understand the forefront of the industry trend,
let the vanguard to tell you what's happening in the industry; enjoy the industry star style,
how to build a successful person IP,
maybe the next star is watching you; industry Curve Wrecker entrepreneurship dry cargo competition,
which industry will become a popular king,
you decision.
Each special industry only 100 seats,
18 hours,
time to grab a seat

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