The seven seat SUV to sell 5 billion 787 million 680 thousand this is the price of Wuling Hongguang

announced the Lifan automobile 7 SUV models Marvell's officially listed for sale,
the price range of 5.
68 million; Wuling Hongguang price to buy seven SUV,
so the value of it? Today,
Xiao Bian with everyone to find out.
The new car offers four versions for everyone to choose from,
the top of the car model is automatic,
and the rest are matched manual transmission.
The appearance of the interior as a new model,
Marvell also conform to the trend,
the appearance is very tough,
but also without losing the dynamic elements embellishment; hexagonal front grille design,
looks very domineering,
equipped with wheels are also very dynamic.
Into the cockpit,
the overall use of the design of double color collocation,
the design of motion of the steering wheel,
barrel type instrument panel so that

[Michael] FY one billion euros worth of future car airborne Shanghai did you see

car information can subscribe to Oh! This is not the Mercedes Benz IAA concept car.
Why is it on the street? You are right.
The car that only appeared in the booth or science fiction movie appeared on the streets of Shanghai yesterday! Hence.
This scene.
It is reported that the Mercedes Benz IAA concept to Shanghai before the car,
is for the upcoming CES ASIA.
Coming out on the streets of Shanghai,
it was said to take some pictures of the car.
You don't think this is a cool styling just posing Oh,
the so-called IAA is Smart Car Aerodynamics,
aerodynamic body design after optimization,
the drag coefficient of the car is only 0.
When the car is up to 80km/h,
the front grille will automatically shut down,
and the body will be extended 8 piece spoiler parts,
body appearance to

The recent national quality board notices a large collection of activities

ote: with the DICE official website on-line,
activities section of the country started to use,
high quality Games organizers will gather in this announcement,
the content of each weekly activity! In your city,
there are so few people love the game,
a week will together,
and we will also use WeChat DICE public number,
weekly focus push,
tens of thousands of readers let gathered here to see their side of the board bureau! If you are enthusiastic about the Games organizers,
game culture promotion,
welcome to www.
com's activities section to publish your project,
we will use Chinese board game platform is best for your voice,
to support you! Xiamen warm rice treasure time: 2016 04 - 30 August (Saturday) 15:00 to 22:30 location: baricabi Baxter (Tongan branch) address: Tongan Shuan

Shanxi police launched the namesake query system of 4 people called tall, rich and handsome

let some parents took pains in the pursuit of out of the ordinary times,
Zhuangshan are taboo,
but it is hard to avoid a collision.
In May,
police in Shanxi province for the convenience of the people to the newborn name,
launched a free service name information query.
Want to know whether or not the name of the baby is public,
just by checking it online.
In April 19th this year,
the Shanxi provincial public security department held a news conference,
released the latest launch of the simplification and optimization of public service processes,
and facilitate the masses to do business 24 measures.
The introduction of the 24 measures,
in many areas to simplify the service link,
optimize the service process,
improve service quality.
Among them,
the household security service,

Johnson this product is suspected of carcinogenic, was sentenced to compensation 3 billion 600 million, you have in use?

cal time on May 2nd,
Johnson lost again in the talc carcinogenic controversy,
was sentenced to a long term use of the company's powder female compensation 5 million,
about 360 million yuan.
In February,
Johnson was sentenced to pay 2 million in compensation to another woman's family.
/ / woman decades Johnson baby powder was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in women the lawsuit said her for decades in the private parts of the use of Johnson baby powder and bath gel.
The lawyer disclosed that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to undergo hysterectomy.
After a three week trial in Missouri,
the jury sentenced Johnson to pay 5 million to the woman,
including compensation of  million and a fine of 0 million.
Failed to reveal the main raw materials to consumers in the pres

A 1500 dark horse online industry summit. Do you want to come?

-line more than a month,
gathered more than 6000 founder,
the highest daily live nearly 2000 people.
For the support and attention back to the dark horse of the horse,
May 5th will launch a special community industry summit,
14th special industry,
1500 people gathered high popularity,
at the forefront of the industry,
a large wave of dry cargo is on the way! 14th special industry will take you understand the forefront of the industry trend,
let the vanguard to tell you what's happening in the industry; enjoy the industry star style,
how to build a successful person IP,
maybe the next star is watching you; industry Curve Wrecker entrepreneurship dry cargo competition,
which industry will become a popular king,
you decision.
Each special industry only 100 seats,
18 hours,
time to grab a seat

Musical calendar, May 5th, Adele's 28 birthday

Adele was born in London and Tottenham,
from his debut,
she has won 10 seats Grammy awards,
1 Golden Globe Awards and 1 Oscar awards,
the global cumulative sales of more than 1 billion,
won the mbe.

The strength of character

: see your letter.
According to legend,
more than 1500 years ago,
you made a Shishuoxinyu,
the first reading seems to fit the Confucianism,
divided into thirty-six chapters.
The first four is Virtue,
text and political speech,
which is also called the door of the four families.
read three,
and Confucianism instead,
and later many people like skew codeword,
you nagging is wine,
if can not change the world,
the pent up in my heart,
in my heart for a long time to be pent up liquor,
flowers open ah,
left a red one to form,
the autumn wind blew,
the rest of what,
what may be immortal.
You are in Shishuoxinyu recorded in strange,
retained details,
an arrangement similar to hide,
careful behind the others,
not a conclusion.
I have been work

[sharing homes] 50 comic chairs with big holes in the front are coming up to you

e a designer,
what elements would you add to your chair? At the recently concluded 2016 design week in Milan,
the founder of Japan's Nendo design studio,
Misaki Sato,
integrated the comic elements into 50 chairs.
Look at a few chairs so we wind the whole effect like moving chairs so blur effect with cyclone chair.
(really not photo pixels is not high) we mood.
according so you want to run to change? So it is actually two in one plane,
and not put the chairs before and after so much abstract and practical magic chair.
So we take into account the overall effect of the scene the night effect,
set up 50 square lights with the 50 different styles of chairs.
You have to admire the designer's brain hole (photo source: the world woman living home WeChat public number)

Luo Yonghao, for the next planet that has not left its human footprint

o the next also did not leave a footprint,
the planet Luo Yonghao Internet brings prosperity and the quality of life improved significantly,
often makes us live in a fantasy world: we feel like always walk in the light of the rapid development of science and technology on the road.
But on the other hand,
after the steam engine,
electric light,
Houston's great inventions in science and technology,
human beings have for decades are not what revolutionary breakthrough.
The tremendous progress of this bit world and the location of the atomic world also led to Peter Till's feeling that the car we once wanted to fly was only 140 characters.
That's true.
The elite of our time are almost all on the internet.
The more than 200 years after the st

[digital] legendary player career series T-shirt

he darling of the spotlight,
always with breathtaking performance refresh people to understand the basketball,
there is no poetry and distance,
only numbers and legend.
Curry-12 France February 28,
Jinzhou warriors after one overtime on the road,
with a 121-118 victory over the Oklahoma City thunder,
the core warrior Stephen curry played 38 minutes,
24 to 14,
three points of 16 shots,
46 points and 3 rebounds,
6 assists and 2 steals,
refresh the NBA single season three hits record,
at the same time NBA history three point game hits record level.
two players had scored 12 three pointers in a match.
In January 8,
2003 the Lakers home court and supersonic in the game,
Kobe scored 45 points and 3 rebounds,
3 assists,
three points 18 12; in March 14,
2005 128 to 110 victory ov

Looking back on the classic Kobe 10 career performance counter

me on April 14th,
Kobe Bryant with a single game of 60 points and a victory,
the perfect end of his 20 years of career! 1340 regular season games,
220 playoff games,
Peter left us too much of the classic game! It's not easy to pick 10 of the greatest performances in the game! 10,
a game of 55 points,
in March 29,
against wizards,
then Jordan has passed the peak period,
40 year old basketball God from the re - retirement only two weeks.
Farewell to the idol of the war,
Kobe staged a revenge performance,
the first half scored 42 points.
Phil Jackson,
Lakers coach Phil Jackson said,
unbelievable performance.
45 points per game,
12 points,
three points,
in January 8,
against Seattle in the game,
Kobe scored 12 points three pointers,
creating a NBA history.
Of the 12 th

The dinosaur bird's fascinating journey

first see a drawing of this by the British artist John Conway (John Conway) (D.
antirrhopus) Deinonychus antirrhopus modern picture,
feather is a reference to the related species.
So far,
only a few dinosaurs have been identified with feathers relative to the already discovered genus of dinosaurs.
Although feathered dinosaurs were found only in a small number of fossil specific burial sites worldwide,
there could have been feathered dinosaurs all over the world.
With the exception of a few areas (such as Chinese Liaoning) around the fossil record only a few traces of feathered dinosaurs with feathers,
a possible reason is because in the process of fossilization in the skin and feathers like skin derivatives and other parts,
is difficult to be preserved; another reason may be the researc

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