Morning, light media investment and 1 billion 600 million live electricity supplier 360 search announced to abandon the consumer health business promotion services

Zexi event let Baidu in the search for 360 in the teeth of the storm,
to renounce the consumer health business promotion services.
is this move also suitable for Baidu? Analysts believe that,
360 search commercialization degree and scale than Baidu search is much smaller,
easy to ship small U-turn,
and medical advertising in Baidu accounted for relatively large,
Baidu is not easy to stay away from medical advertising.
Ask what is the hottest now? In the venture capital circle,
live broadcast can occupy a place.
This time,
the light media also sit still,
with 1.
6 billion investment and live electricity supplier,
among them,
30 million yuan for the subscription of new equity Agel Ecommerce Ltd Hangzhou Ti Su,
while another 131 million yuan transferee Jinhua Weko held in Zhejiang sc

Beauty is bright here, but joy is never equal to you

le reprinted from nine for WeChat No.
nine for jiuxing_neweekly,
no travel Raiders,
no tour guide,
no outlets,
no need to go to the destination,
we reject all low tour,
only a lonely curiosity about distant open.
Nine please mengchuo ^ ^ concern / charming Salzburg.
(Figure /huanqiu) the odd stories that Bernhard wrote,
many of them happened in Salzburg.
In a story called questions in parliament,
he mentioned such a thing,
the suicide rate of Salzburg's primary and secondary students is second to none in the world.
It's nothing new.
Bernhard cited a congressman's point of view to explain the phenomenon: the more beautiful a city is,
the higher the rate of suicide there is.
Overlooking Salzburg.
(map / Sina blog,
bjcps) visited the Salzburg people will not have any objection: th

Hot list whole network, the most popular public number will not open, will regret it

obian collected the most can capture the heart of the micro signal,
improve and enrich your brain,
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The u

He is the most important movie master in contemporary Europe. This interview gives you a thorough understanding of him

the Austria director Michael Haneke is undoubtedly one of the most important contemporary Europe of a director,
and the Paris review of Michael Haneke interview,
with long length,
take you to understand the personality of the director remains serious,
thanks friends candyme translation,
more than 10000 word interview,
read very enjoyable.
By Luisa Zielinski Louisa interview bazylinski text: http://www.
org/interviews/6354/the-art-of-screenwriting-no-5-michael-haneke translation by candyme Michael Haneke was born on 1942.
His mother is from Austria,
and his father is from germany.
He spent his youth in Wiener Neustadt,
and was cared for by his aunt and grandmother.
Then he went to Vienna to study psychology,
philosophy and drama.
It's still a while since he fi

Three ways parents can help children lead the APIB test

nts attending international courses will attend the AP or IB exams in May.
What should parents do to help their children in the exam season instead of putting pressure on the opposite? The author makes three points for your reference.
It may not seem difficult,
but it's not easy to really do it.
The | Alexandra Pannoni compiler | editor of | Chen Wen Li for high school students,
May mean that the summer vacation and graduation are already in sight.
But before that,
most students have to cross the ladder: they pass the AP or IB exam.
The examination of these university level courses is usually held in May.
The AP exam season is a stressful time for many students,
says Erica King.
Erica King is a teacher at the Northwestern College of Pennsylvania in ely.
In this school,
most students take

The United States group public comment, actually can buy porn services, marked price of 688 yuan

eport] May 3rd news,
according to the JINGWAH Times reported that the U.
the public comment on the purchase of suspected Internet sales of pornographic services.
In this regard,
the two platform responded that,
for the first time,
the merchants involved were offline processing,
while two platform related merchant information was re investigated,
and strictly put an end to such illegal services providers.
the Haidian public security police took away the involvement of the Yellow Gang,
and arrested 10 people involved in the yellow,
one of whom is responsible for customer service for a group buying network.
At present,
7 illegal persons detained by public security for prostitution and prostitution,
and the other 3 have been criticized and released for minor reasons.

After the car service, how to enhance the owner of viscous car honey, hoping to build the owner community, and to provide business data service operations

micro signal: wow36kr based on the owner of the community,
through advertising and data service platform to achieve profitability now the automobile customer service service category includes second-hand car,
car insurance,
and so on,
the main feature is the use of low frequency,
the user may only use once every 1-2 months,
namely the user of the car after the App dependence is not strong,
most use fewer,
the problem of low activity.
how do you improve the user activity of the after service platform? My recent contact honey team launched App in June last year to solve two major problems: 1,
through the community to build on the owners of mobile,
by using high frequency low frequency drive service; 2,
for businesses to provide data to support operations management platfo

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